Snips == Awesome, with a couple of funnies for me


Utterly blown away by snips. I’m in the process of integrating into my Home Assistant setup and once I can get a few “funnies” resolved, it’ll be the main way I’ll be controlling!!! (And my significant other thinks it’s fantastic too :smiley:

The problems I’m having are that any TTS from snips is coming out too distorted to make any sense of - but given that the same is true for the error wav (which I presume is a local file) I suspect it’s my setup…although the start and end “bongs” are just fine. The problem is I’m a complete beginner with raspberry pi in general and so don’t even know where to start looking / tweaking - can anyone give me some clue

Theother problem is that no matter how or what I try, I simply can’t get snips to recognise the word “lounge”. It’s always mistranscribed - usually as “language”. I’ve tried using the IOT intent bundle and also a custom bundle but it seems to still struggle - any thoughts?


Hello @RichardGrimmer,

The issue of the TTS coming out distorted, might be your setup. You can reduce your gain using alsamixer of the output, and it should be fine. Though Snips had this problem inherently before, but it has been fixed.

On the other issue, the ASR is still being perfected, and I have similar issues. This will get better over time. I am one of those that believe so much in this platform, and I have literally enrolled in an online school to learn coding so I can do some works with it.



Hi there - thanks for the reply!

So I’ve played around with reducing the gain via alsamixer and the distortion persists but only for sound coming out of snips on errors. I’ve also played a few other files and checked audio from webpages and they’re fine, so it doesn’t seem like a problem with my setup (though I’m happy to be corrected!). What was the issue previously? If it’s been fixed is there an update I should be able to apply?

Not sure if it’s significant that I’m using a USB headset for both input (mic) and output (headphones)

If anyone has any suggestion, please do chime in - I’d REALLY like this to hang together since snips seems to fit perfectly with what I’m, looking for (particularly the n-device processing)…



Hello @RichardGrimmer,

Can you confirm what version of snips you are running? To confirm run the command docker exec -it snips cat /VERSION and check what the release says


Hey @odia - telling me I’m on 0.4…9



If you running 0.4.9, then the initial issue should be sorted. The issue it originally had was that every sound from Snips was clipping, and this distorted its audio input. It had been fixed in 0.4.9. But then again, since you are running over USB, that might be an issue.

Try an analogue speaker, using the 3.5mm jack. If the issue persist then maybe you will have to ask the developers directly.