PulseAudio support



Is it possible to use Snips with PulseAudio? Would it be possible to apply special settings on Snips side, e.g. similar to AlexaPi?
At the moment, I am trying to use RPi3 with PS3 eye microphone and Snips which works, but ALSA does not work properly with multi channel microphones e.g. not possible to adjust the microphone volume. Therefore, I’ve tried to use PulseAudio, however, it seems like Snips is still trying to connect ALSA directly despite settings in ~/.asoundrcfile.


Hello Molodax,

We don’t currently support PulseAudio on our docker image. However we are working on having a debian package working in the near future that will give you the option of plugging whatever audio source you want. Stay tuned !


Hi @Charles,
Is there any update since July?


The debian packages are available.