No Sound Response from Snips at all


Hi All,

I have had snips up and working with Homeassitant for quite some time. I started to have some issues with the sdcard in the raspberry pi, so I decides to get a new card and start all over. I installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 on a new sdcard, and i have come to find out that some things have changed since the older version that I was on. I have figured somethings out, but one thing that is really getting to me is the no sound response from snips. On the old version I had after it recognized the hotword it would play ding sound, it no longer does this or I just can’t figure out what is wrong. Snips also no longer tell you sorry I didn’t understand what you want. I have played around and I know the sound works because i can publish tts on snip and it say what I want, but it just does not do the mention things above anymore. Is there still some configuring that I have to do that are not in the website docs, because I followed them to a tee. If someone could shed some light on this that would be great, thanks.


Same situation for me. At the moment the addon is not usable because snips does not allow any interaction. The biggest problem in my opinion is the vague documentation that’s online. It won’t allow a good debug of the cause of the problem.


Feedback sound is off by default in recent release. You may try to send mqtt message to turn it on as described in the following link:


cruxlin, thank you very much that was the fix, something I just missed. For everyone else that is having the same problem this is what I used to fix it:

sudo mosquitto_pub -h 192.168.x.x -p 1883 -t hermes/feedback/sound/toggleOn -m “{“siteId”:“default”}”

Hope that helps others.