How to setup Mopidy / Spotify on a fresh Snips install


Hi there!

I couldn’t find anything about how to make Snips work with Mopidy. I tried a fresh install following:, but I couldn’t get it to work. (Mopidy worked fine, installed mopidy-spotify and mopidy-iris en could listen to music)

Then I tried using the image from, but that didn’t work either.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!


If you read my post (next one down) you’ll see there is a new version out soon as the docker doesn’t work with the older snips image. There are some workarounds listed but none have helped me.

Not much help but might save you tearing your hair out!! Please post back if you manage to sort out as I would love to have it up and running.


Hey @Brinkzter !

Thanks for your interest !
In the Snips Platform Documentation, you will find documentation about our technology, and how to interface it with other programs.
It’s important to understand the scope of Snips, which is :

  1. Record your voice
  2. Transcribe it to a written sentence (Automatic Speech Recognition aka ASR)
  3. Perform Natural Language Understanding and classify the sentence into an Intent and extract slots for the intent.

This is normal that you didn’t find anything on how to interface Snips with Mopidy.

However, you are in luck, because we are working on a Snips Skill for Mopidy. It should be released this week ! You can read about snips skills here :

We are also updating the image for SPKR, which is a bit outdated, and will be updated this week.

I suggest you head over to @steve’s post.

Cheers :v:t5:


Thank you for the quick response! I’ll keep you up to date!


Hey @Anthony!

Thank you for the update! I can’t wait to try it out!